We are acknowledged experts in the business of healthcare and trusted advisors to our NHS clients.

Our mission
SSG Health is a UK based change consultancy and provider of interim support. We help our NHS clients deliver the best possible care with finite resources; always delivering a high return on investment through innovation, know-how and a passion for sustained improvement.

Our track record and focus
We have a proud record of success delivering whole organisation change programmes as well as discrete better value healthcare project support.

Our focus is operational improvement facilitation, by improving process and service models, patient care and cost of delivery can be transformed.  We are passionate about helping NHS organisations find the frontline and back office efficiencies needed to meet future care needs and realise NHS long term plan goals.

Our experienced team is highly skilled at building consensus and client capability to preserve performance gains.

We have a suite of ‘no win no fee’ savings interventions to free up resource for frontline care, which can buy time to formulate and test operating model changes on which future service delivery will depend.

We will also often deploy scenario models to ensure local or system changes are adequate to deliver operational and financial sustainability.  Our demand and capacity alignment support provides Board assurance that plans are realistic.

Our vision and values
We strive to be thought and solution leaders in our industry, working with exceptional people and serving a loyal client base.  We do this by being true to our core values, which govern our dealings with clients, our internal working practices and our recruitment.

Professionalism - we observe the highest professional, ethical and behavioural standards

Performance - we deliver excellent value to clients through our structured and evidence-based approach, with continuous solution innovation and by building client capabilities to sustain improvement

People - we attract, develop and retain exceptionally able, highly motivated and experienced consultants who drive our vision and embody our values in supporting our clients